Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waterfowl Boot Camp

   I woke up Sat morning and I knew it was going to be a good day. See this fine morning I was headed to the Waterfowl Boot Camp in Ohio.  This was my first Boot Camp and it was a good time. The first stop on my list was a seminar put on by George Lynch of Lynch Mob Calls. I have been a fan of George's for a while. Really ever since I bought my copy of his DVD Hanging Em Low 2. (Which features hunts from our very own Up North Journal Team Fowlmouth). So to finally meet George in person was a treat. I walked away from that seminar with some great advice and a few new tricks to try this season. 

   So after a quick stroll through the vendors area it was time for another seminar. This time the seminar was put on by Shawn Stahl from Fowl Pursuit and RNT calls. Again it was great to meet Shawn and pick up some helpful tips and tricks about goose calling and waterfowl hunting in general. I am a very visual type of learner so to see some of the calling techniques in person that I hear on the instructional Cd was great.

   When Shawn's seminar was over the seminar with Jeff Coats of Pitboss Waterfowl and Ducks Dogs and Decoys .  It was a fun time picking up some tips on photography and carving decoys.  I also liked hearing some of the hunting stories.  The story about his trip to Alaska to go duck hunting was the best.  If you ever get to meet Jeff please have him tell that story.  It sounded like a crazy time but a fun time.

   Now that I was done with the seminars I took another stroll through the vendor area to look at all of the calls, decoys, and outfitters.  It was like Toys R Us for a waterfowler seemed like every big name manufacturer was there.  One of the booths that I stopped at was at the James Patrick Lynch booth. See James is a country singer that was the featured act for the Boot Camp.  If you have watched Woods and Water TV on the Sportsman Channel then you have heard James.  He sings the opening music for that TV show.  Man James is a really nice guy.  As soon as I walked up to the booth it was like walking up to a old hunting buddy.  We talked about all of the hunting products for sale, the show, he talked about Nashville, country music, and swapped a couple hunting stories.  Please go to his website and check out his music.  Besides his regular country music he has a whole CD of nothing but hunting music.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

All in all it was a nice show.  I would imagine that I missed some stuff but it was fun.  It was a nice way to start off the waterfowl show season.  I hope to see everybody at other shows.  If we are ever at a show together make sure and stop me and say Hi.  Just look for the Up North Journal logo. As always Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the great outdoors and be safe out there.

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