Friday, January 8, 2010

First Ice Trip of the season

So duck season is just getting over and ice is forming on the lakes and river around here in Michigan. It was a week before Christmas and my brother calls me and says there is 4 inches of ice on the Bay and they are catching perch just off shore. Well I can't pass up an opportunity to fish so I loaded up the ice fishing poles and bucket and we were off. The funny part of this is that my brother and I are complete opposites. So when we got to our destination he gets all of his equipment out and he looks like he could be on the cover of a ice fishing mag. I get all of my equipment out and I look like I just got done shopping at a garage sale. See I am more about function then fashion. It is site when we are together he has the latest in equipment and I have equipment that I like to say has experience. So here we are I got my blaze orange camo snow suit, my hunting bibs and and my floppy hat.

What made it all better is that I borrowed my sons sled that we use to go sledding. It is shaped like a big blue bird but it holds a 5 gallon buck just fine.

So we get all set up and we are fishing in about 4 foot of water and nothing. An hour goes by and sure enough I get one on the line. A nice perch about 6 inches or so not a keeper but it was a fish. So after that one I go and catch 3 more and my brother catches 1 in about 2 1/2 hours of fishing. No keepers but for the first ice fishing trip of the year it wasn't to bad. So until next time enjoy what God gives you and enjoy the Great Outdoors. See Ya out on the Ice.

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