Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ultimate Fishing show Part 2

So after the seminars and a stop to watch my oldest son play in the kids area I was off to the fly fishing area.
I started off at the Michigan Fly Fishing Club booth, again these guys were great.  I told them that I was new to fly tying and that I had questions.  They let me ask all of he questions that I could think of at that time and they took the time to answer every question.  For the questions that they couldnt answer they gave me ideas on where to go to get the answers.  After that I went over to the Colton Bay Outfitters booth.  With being new to the sport of fly fishing I have alot of questions.  Again these guys answers all of my questions and gave me ideas on more questions to ask.  I was able to go to their fly casting area and received some one on one instruction with one of the guys from thier shop.  All I have to say is that I will be a customer of thier's for a long time.  One of the nice things that I seen with both of these groups is the time they took with the kids.  It seemed like when ever there where kids around they made sure and anwser the kids questions bring them behind the booths and get them involved in one of the activities that the groups where doing.  After the fly fishing section I met up with the family and we walked around and gave the show one last go around to make sure we didn't miss anything.  It was a great show i will be comeing back next year.

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