Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dead Down Wind - Its not just for hunting anymore

For the past few deer seasons I have used scent elimination products and sometimes I wasn't sure if they worked or not. Well last year I was at one of the anniversy campouts for the website Talk when I received a bottle of Dead Down Wind Elive Odor Terminator from Dead Down Wind prostaffer Mike Adams. On the bottle it said it was best used while fishing to get rid of the smell. So the bottle was in the trunk of my car for a few months and one day I was pumping gas into my car and some of the gas must have spilled on me because there was a gas smell and I had a meeting that day and had to do something. Well I seen the blaze orange bottle in the trunk and figured what the heck. So I sprayed down my shoes and hands and the smell was gone. So after that time it seemed to work I went to the Dead Down Wind website and started to read about all of the products that they offer.

So after using the Scent Prevent I always made sure it was in the car. My wife and I have two small children so right now we go through alot of diapers. We had to spend a few days away from home and so the garbage can had developed a smell. The wife wanted me to just put everything outside until garbage day but I didn't want the animals to get into the garbage. I told the wife let me try something first. Well I went to the trunk and pulled out the blaze orange and started to spray down everything that looked like a garbage bag. Well it was about five minutes later and my wife went to the garage for something and she yelled for me to come to the garage. Well I went to the garage figuring that I was going to get a told you that stuff wouldn't work but I didn't get that. What I got was what other things does the Dead Down Wind work on. She could tell by the smile on my face that I was happy to hear that. Anytime I can sell my wife on the positive aspects of any hunting product it is a good day. So now I have a bottle of Scent Prevent in the car, tackle box, garage, and diaper bag. We have even when as far and getting a bottle for some friends of ours that just had a baby. It is funny how a product that seems too forgotten in a hunting pack until hunting season turns into a regular household tool. Now I am working on selling my wife on the positive aspects of keeping bait in the fridge.

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