Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Ice Out

I was able to make the Great Ice Out this year.  This by far was one of my best weekends spent outdoors. Literaly the whole weekend was spent outdoors. I got to sleep out on the ice in one of the shantys that we rented from Lymans on the Lake in Houghton Lake and boy was I in for a surprise.

 My plan was to either get a hotel room or crash on the floor in one of the cabins.  Well things worked out and I got to sleep out on the ice for the weekend. The first night sleeping was rough because I forgot my sleeping bag at home so all  I had was a blanket and many layers of clothes.  That next morning I made a mad dash to one of the department stores and picked up a heavy duty sleeping bag so the second night was a lot better.
The highlight of the weekend for me was not the fish that were caught but it was the friendships that were made and the friendships that were able to grow stronger. Sat. night was filled with great food and even better conversations and hunting stories. I try and learn atleast one new thing everyday and Sat night was a great learning experience for me.  I got to pick up a couple of tips from all of the hunting and fishing stories that  were told.  The biggest nugget of info from that night was don't be the first person to fall asleep around the team.  Well if I do make sure I am wearing a face mask.  The other thing  that was funny was  to see the reactions from the guys when they got out on the ice and into the shantys.  Because all of the these guys were from the southeren part of the USA where ice fishing is not an option and something you see on TV.
So if  the conditions are right and you get a chance to stay out over night on the ice make sure and take the opportunity because it will be a great story to tell around the campfire.  Thanks for stopping by.  Be safe and enjoy the Great Outdoors. 

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  1. Randy it sure was a great time. I know I didn't want to leave Saturday night.